DIY Face flipping pumpkin Craft

DIY Face flipping pumpkin Craft

Face flipping pumpkin craft

Ok, so Halloween is a little way off yet. However, I absolutely love Halloween, it’s so much fun making the crafts and decorating the house every year. We often find though that the weeks leading up to Halloween pass so quickly and we never end up making Much. So this year we’re starting early with our DIY face flipping pumpkin craft! They’re so much fun to make and you can do any faces you like. My 3yo really enjoyed making these and playing with them too!

What you will need

2 paper plates
Orange paint
A paintbrush or painting sponge
2 sheets of black card
1 sheet of green card (or white card painted green will work fine!)
A glue gun or PVA glue

Take two paper plates. Fold one in half and glue it to the other paper plate so that the edges are touching and the fold is halfway up the base plate.

Paint the front of your plates in a pumpkin orange, remember to lift up the flap and paint the second plate too! you may wish to do a second coat if you want fuller coverage.

Take your black card and cut out the shapes for your first pumpkin face. with the flap folded down, use a glue gun or pva to stick the face in place. whilst you wait for your pumpkin to dry, take your card again and cut out the shapes for your second face.

Lift the folded paper plate and stick your second pumpkin face on this lower paper plate

For the finishing touches, take some green (or painted green) card and cut out a stalk shape. Glue it to the back of your base paper plate at the top of your pumpkin

And that’s it! how cute is this DIY face flipping pumpkin craft?
I’d love to see how yours turned out. you can share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or by email!