Woven paper Christmas tree

Woven paper Christmas tree

I know I should probably be uploading Halloween crafts this week but all the Christmas goodies popping up in shops and Christmas movies being shown on tv are making me feel extra festive! I Can’t wait for Christmas with our little ones this year. The first thing we usually start making at Christmas is the cards, just so that we have plenty in lots of different designs. This woven paper Christmas tree design is one of my favourites, its great for practising motor skills and hand eye co-ordination and it looks really sweet too!

You will need:

Light green paper
Dark green paper
Yellow paper
Brown paper
A folded piece of card


To start, take your green paper and cut out the triangle shape of your tree.

Now, take the bottom part of your triangle and fold it around a cm up. Take your scissors and make little snips in the paper evenly spread about 1cm apart.

open up the fold and extend the snips to fit your Christmas tree. Try to make sure you don’t cut open the edges of your tree. If you do however, don’t worry you can just secure it with Sellotape!

Take your dark green paper and cut it into strips. Individually thread the strips into your Christmas tree following an under, over pattern.

Secure the strips down on the back of your Christmas tree using Sellotape. If your strips overhang on the front of your Christmas tree; simply fold the strips over the sides of the tree and secure with tape.

Use your yellow and brown paper to cut out a star and a tree trunk, glue them into position.

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Snipped Christmas tree card

Snipped Christmas tree card

Snipped Christmas tree card

Can you believe its just under 10 weeks until Christmas? where has that time gone?! I haven’t uploaded many crafts lately as my two little people have been under the weather. So, prepare yourself for some last minute Halloween craft ideas and a sleigh load of Christmas ones too!
I love this Snipped Christmas tree card, not only does it look super sweet but its fun for little ones to make too; My son loves any crafts that involve using his scissors – they make him feel all grown up and he enjoys the challenge of trying to follow lines.

You will need

1 sheet blue card
1 sheet green card
Yellow paper
Brown paper
Glue stick
Multi coloured paper to decorate

First, take your piece of green card and fold it in half.

Use your pen to draw a triangle Christmas tree shape on the front of your card. Your tree will need to be around 3cm shorter than the height of your card. This is so that when you mount it you will have space to stick your star and tree stump!

Take one of your triangles and glue it on to your folded background card.

Note: you can see I positioned mine high on the card. I had to move it down later on to add my star. Try and leave a 1cm gap between the tip of the tree and the top of the card.

Cut your second triangle into 5 or 6 strips.

Take your scissors and make snips about two thirds of the way up each strip. Make sure you don’t accidentally snip too far as it can be tricky sticking the pieces back together. A great way to avoid this is to draw a line on the back of the paper for your little one to cut up to.

Now you need to stick your strips down onto your first triangle. Apply glue to the belt of the strips and position them in their matching place on the tree. By flattening the snips down you can check that the pieces are just touching; but not overlapping.
ting from the bottom is easier. Be sure not to glue the snipped pieces.

To make your Christmas tree come to life, cut out a yellow triangle for the top and a red or brown rectangle for the stump and glue them down

If you wish to add some decorations to your tree; simple cut out some multicoloured circles and stick them to the flat parts of your tree.

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