Scrap paper lion craft

Scrap paper lion craft

Our scrap paper drawer has been busting at the seams of late so we decided it was time that we made another scrap paper craft. We noticed that we had a huge amount of yellow and orange paper so we decided to make something using those colours. My son actually came up with the idea to make a lion, he has a bunch of lion toys and is totally fascinated by them so it was a perfect idea. We worked together to come up with our cute scrap paper lion craft and we think he is totally roarsome!

Here’s what we used.

  • Coloured scrap paper (beige, yellow, orange, brown etc)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Backing sheet of paper

How to make our scrap paper lion craft.

Start off your lion by making his face. The easiest way to do this is to draw a circle onto your paper and then draw two semi-circles close together at the top of the circle to make ears. Then cut out your lions face shape.

Cut out and glue down a pink rounded triangle for your lion’s nose and two semi circles for the inner ears.


Give your lion two eyes and then use your black marker to draw on a mouth and some whiskers.

Glue your lion’s face on to your backing paper. Then, take your scrap paper and cut it onto strips. Finish off your awesome scrap paper lion craft by gluing your strips in a circle around your lion to make his mane. Doesn’t he look fab!

We would love to see how your lion turned out. Parents, did you know you can share them with us on facebook and twitter?

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Scrap paper mosaics

Scrap paper mosaics

When it comes to scrap paper I’m something of a hoarder. You never know when you’re going to need a small piece of just one colour. However, lately my scrap paper box has been completely overflowing, so I decided it was time we emptied it out a bit. These scrap paper mosaics are really fun and simple and each child can make their own unique designs from the same set up. We had so much fun making these and even looked at some Roman and Greek mosaics on the internet, making it an educational activity too!

You will need

Scrap colored paper
white paper.

To make your mosaics, simple take your scrap paper and cut each piece into strips and then squares. You may want to draw your design on to your paper or you may just want to freehand. Simply stick down your mosaics squares in a design of your choice!

It really is that simple and that’s why this activity is so great, it’s really easy and children can be as creative as they like. We spent over an hour making ours together, check out our mosaics for some ideas on what to make!

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